Hello, my dear reader!

Welcome to my blog. Before going into deep waters let me just express my gratitude for your visit and I truly hope you will find what you came to seek.

Let’s start off with introducing myself. My name is Ivaylo Mladenov, I am an adventurer by heart and Software Developer by profession…yikes. How does one go with the other? – well, it might sound strange to some but in the IT industry there are constantly new challenges rising up on a daily basis. Rather it be defeating a huge monster in the face of a legacy system your company has been stuck with or exploring  new, vast, foreign lands as your trying to adapt the latest technologies into your project. So yes, sitting on a chair all day can be exciting 🙂

Now to the essential part. What is this website all about? As you have probably already figured it out, this is my personal blog,  In my mind the website will be split into 2 sections:

  • Life as I see it – stories about places I’ve visited, events I went to, my view on what is going on around the world (I’ll keep those to minimum but hey…I live on the same planet as you do)
  • Technology – sharing IT related news that I find interesting, also any experience with technologies, programming techniques or courses I undertook. Hopefully, I will try to post tutorials and examples of problems I have faced but it’s not a promise

Taking into consideration I have 30 days of holidays per year, you can expect that ~70% of the content will be IT related.

What is my end goal? In a perfect scenario, I would like to engage into friendly discussions with people who have different background, different level of experience in topics that we all find interesting and important. And together  guide and assist each other in our adventure called Life.

If you have any remarks or advice on how to improve the blog, please feel free to post a comment below.

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